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Responsive on All Devices. Get a Beautiful Responsive Website that Works on phones, tablets notebooks, laptops, desktops and on any device that can run a browser.

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Beautiful Websites with easy navigation and lightning speed, we bring form and function together. We do everything to speed up your website. We avoid bloated code and templates as far as possible and bring you the real stuff.


We do everything for you.
  • Your domain registration
  • emails @yourDomain
  • Back-end developement
  • All the setups and tweeks
  • Designing your website
  • wireframing
  • Hosting your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SSL certificates
  • security updates
  • Off-site Backups
  • help with any other digital needs

Real Websites

Many things are said about websites and web developement, most of them are true. No one person can know everything, which is why we constantly expand what we know to make your dreams appear.
We pride ourselves in creating responsive websites from the ground up. It's not a matter of just grabbing templates and painting by numbers, we build creative, functional and fast websites that are easy to adapt to any changes within your company/life. From basic blogs to multi-layered e-commerce sites, content and image creation and adaptation and search engine optimisation SEO.

Amazing Design

We create beautiful websites with amazing designs that work. A website must be functional, easy to navigate, fast to load and responsive. We work closely to understand your needs and hopes and endeavour to find a solution that suits your eye and your budget.
If you can think it we can do it.
We strive to develop websites where function becomes the foundation for form and this way a balance is created. Basically we create beautiful websites that works, simply and on any device. Our websites are fully responsive on all screens and displays from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and big screens.

Hosting Your Website

Your site will be hosted and looked after and you wont have to think about it. We register new domains, host websites, personalise email adresses and give sound advice.
Our servers are housed in a Top-Tier Data Centre. Security updates and off-site backups are done at regular intervals, so your website is always secure and available.
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Products and services we provide

Everything you need for Website developement under one roof
We do everything for you, from your domain registration and backend developement, designing a beautifull and fully responsive website that runs at speed. We also set up your emails @yourDomain. We do all the setups and tweeks needed for Search Engine Optimisation.
We provisde SSL certificates, do security updates and provide off-site back-up services.
Whenever you need help or advice with any other digital needs we will be glad to assist.
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DeWinter Website Special

Responsive Web Presence

Fully functional Entry Level Website
Business or Blog web presence
Responsive 5 Page Layout
Design Work
Content Moulding
Domain Registration
Setup costs
Hosting for 24 months
5 email accounts
Free Updates

Starting from R2490 *
then R330/month for hosting
24 Month Hosting contract
Easy payment options

* Terms and conditions apply

Business Website for SMME'S

Small and Medium Enterprises
We do everything for your Company.
Starting at R7500 *
With easy payment options

Domain Registration
Design Work
multi page layout
Content Moulding
Back-end developement
All the setups and tweeks
Security Updates
Search Engine Optimisation
SSL certificates
Off-site Backups
help with any other digital needs

Various hosting options available
* Terms and conditions apply

E-Commerce Website

Online Shopping Site

Starter Buisiness Website

Starting at R15000 *
Easy payment options

Shopping site
Integrated payment systems
Multiple Page layout
Multiple Products
Design Work
Multiple email accounts
Order reports
Sales reports
Credit card friendly
Site Testing
Security updates
Content Moulding
Search Engine Optimisation
SSL certificates
Off-site Backups
Help with any other digital needs
Various hosting options available

* Terms and conditions apply

Hosting Options

Tailormade Hosting to suit your needs

From basic domain parking to unlimited space
Domain Registration
Discounted longer term contracts
Easy payment options
Off-site Backups
Various hosting options available to suit your every need
For personalised hosting options and help with any other digital needs
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